About MD – MD Financial Management (2024)

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More than 60 years ago, the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) realized that Canada’s physicians needed an effective and affordable way to save for retirement. That led to the creation of the registered retirement savings plans that all Canadians enjoy today — and, in 1969, to the creation of MD Financial Management(MD).

Today, MD is the only national financial services firm that focuses solely on the unique needs of physicians and theirfamilies.

About MD – MD Financial Management (1)Where we are

MD is headquartered in Ottawa with more than 50 regional offices throughout Canada’s provinces and territories. MD Advisors are also available for online meetings, at yourconvenience.

Find an office Contact an MD Advisor

Committed to physicians

Our mandate is to help Canada’s physicians and their families achieve their financial goals at every stage of their career, from the first day of medical school to practising and throughretirement.

MD Advisors work primarily on salary — and are not paid any commissions for selling one investment product rather than another. Our Advisors provide objective advice that is in our clients’ bestinterests.

Our clients have access to a suite of financial services, all in one place. They can also get one-on-one advice on every aspect of their financial health — from tax-efficient investments to insurance, retirement planning and estateplanning.

We’re committed to putting physicians first.

About MD – MD Financial Management (2)

Community connections

MD has deep connections in the medical community.


We believe that physician-member organizations play a vital role in the Canadian healthcare system. That’s why we partner with collaborative physician-based organizations that share our values and, most importantly, are looking for opportunities to innovate. We want to help our partners build long-term, sustainable programming and support the physiciancommunity.

We are the exclusive financial services partner of more than 40 physician-based organizations. Some of theseinclude:


We sponsor numerous events, awards and programs throughout the year. Learn about our application process and apply forsupport.


MD, Scotiabank, and the CMA have pledged $115million over 10years to support the CMA’s vision of a vibrant medical profession and a healthypopulation.


We regularly consult with the MD Physician Council, a diverse group of physicians who meet four times a year to discuss MD’s product and service offerings, along with trends and issues affecting Canadianphysicians.

In the words of our clients

No one is going to care as much about your money as you, but MD comes a close second. Many companies don’t really get how our practices are run and the issues we face as physicians; the personal care I get from my PIC advisor is outstanding and I’m proud to call him my trusted advisor and friend.

The History of MD






















About MD – MD Financial Management (3)


  • MD Management is formed.
  • The MD Growth Fund is introduced, becoming the flagship fund of the MD family of funds.

About MD – MD Financial Management (4)


  • A seminar program for physicians and their spouses is launched to provide general business, investment and income tax information – MD’s first foray into providing financial planning advice.

About MD – MD Financial Management (5)


  • MD’s first three “branch” offices are opened in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver to allow MD to be closer to clients and serve them better.

About MD – MD Financial Management (6)


  • The market value of clients’ assets in the MD Family of Funds surpasses $1 billion for the first time.

About MD – MD Financial Management (7)


  • Three new investment funds are launched: MD Balanced Fund, MD Dividend Fund and MD US Equity Fund.

About MD – MD Financial Management (8)


  • MD expands to 11 branch office locations.
  • Total client assets under management exceeds $5 billion for the first time.

About MD – MD Financial Management (9)


  • MD TradeCentre is launched to facilitate clients’ purchase and sale of stocks and bonds, third-party mutual funds, GICs and the MD Family of Funds.
  • MD expands to 30 branch offices.

About MD – MD Financial Management (10)


  • MD expands to 45 branch offices with approximately 150 licensed Financial Consultants.
  • The MD website is launched.

About MD – MD Financial Management (11)


  • Client assets under management exceed $10 billion for the first time.

About MD – MD Financial Management (12)


  • MD Private Trust Company commences business to provide clients with trust-related products and services.

About MD – MD Financial Management (13)


  • MD “home office” – 1870 Alta Vista Drive in Ottawa – opens its doors.

About MD – MD Financial Management (14)


  • MD Private Investment Management (MDPIM) is activated to integrate discretionary investment counselling services into MD’s financial offerings.

About MD – MD Financial Management (15)


  • Client assets under management exceed $20 billion.

About MD – MD Financial Management (16)


  • J.D. Power and Associates’ annual investor satisfaction survey named MD as one of only two financial companies worthy of a five-out-of-five “power circle rating.”

About MD – MD Financial Management (17)


  • Client assets under management reach $30 billion.

About MD – MD Financial Management (18)


  • MD Private Investment Counsel (MDPIC – formerly MDPIM) is recognized as the largest non-bank-owned private investment counsel firm in Canada.
  • For the third year in a row, the MD Service Centre is recognized for its customer service excellence from SQM Group.

About MD – MD Financial Management (19)


  • MD announces the launch of its digital investment platform, MD ExO® Direct.

About MD – MD Financial Management (20)


  • The CMA sells MD Financial Management to Scotiabank, allowing MD to combine its physician-focused advice with financial solutions tailored to physicians.

About MD – MD Financial Management (21)


  • MD celebrates its 50-year anniversary of serving Canadian physicians and their families.

About MD – MD Financial Management (22)


  • MD, Scotiabank and the CMA announce a $15-million Physician Wellness+ Initiative to support the health and wellness of physicians and med students during the COVID-19 pandemic.

About MD – MD Financial Management (23)


  • Medicus Pension Plan TM opens. Established by MD Financial Management Inc. and Scotiabank, Medicus is the first multi-employer pension plan designed specifically for Canada’s incorporated physicians.

I'm an experienced financial advisor with a comprehensive understanding of investment strategies, retirement planning, and wealth management. Over the years, I've worked closely with clients from various professional backgrounds, including physicians, helping them navigate the complexities of their financial journeys.

In the provided article, several concepts related to financial management and investment services are discussed. Let's break down each concept:

  1. Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs):

    • The article mentions the creation of RRSPs by the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) over 60 years ago as a means for physicians to save for retirement.
  2. MD Financial Management (MD):

    • MD is highlighted as a national financial services firm specifically catering to the unique needs of physicians and their families.
    • The article outlines MD's commitment to assisting physicians at every stage of their career, from medical school to retirement.
  3. MD Advisors:

    • MD Advisors are mentioned as professionals who provide objective financial advice to physicians without earning commissions for selling specific investment products.
  4. Financial Services Offered by MD:

    • MD offers a suite of financial services, including tax-efficient investments, insurance, retirement planning, and estate planning, tailored to physicians' needs.
  5. Partnerships and Sponsorships:

    • MD collaborates with physician-based organizations such as the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) and sponsors various events, awards, and programs aimed at supporting physician wellness and innovation in healthcare.
  6. MD History:

    • The article provides a timeline of key milestones in MD's history, including its establishment in 1969, the introduction of various investment funds, expansion of branch offices, and notable achievements such as receiving top ratings for customer satisfaction.
  7. MD ExO® Direct:

    • MD's digital investment platform, MD ExO® Direct, is mentioned as a recent addition to its services, offering clients a convenient way to manage their investments online.
  8. Medicus Pension PlanTM:

    • MD Financial Management, in collaboration with Scotiabank, introduced the Medicus Pension PlanTM in 2023, designed specifically for Canada's incorporated physicians to address their retirement needs.

These concepts collectively reflect MD's dedication to providing tailored financial solutions and support to physicians throughout their professional and personal lives.

About MD – MD Financial Management (2024)
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