Controls, connectivity and assist systems (2023)

Simple operation. The dash panel of the ID.3 completely does without physical buttons and switches, giving it a reduced and ultra-modern look. The driver looks at a compact display with 5.3-inch diagonal which is operated with touch-sensitive controls in the standard multifunction steering wheel. Three tiles show the most important information, with display of the battery status and range underneath. The driver controls the drive modes and the parking lock with the large rocker switch on the right of the display. A control panel on the left next to the steering wheel integrates the light and vision functions; there is an automatic setting for the headlights.

Touch is best. The central touch display is located in the middle of the dash panel angled slightly towards the driver; its 10-inch screen is as large as a tablet. On this, the driver manages all functions from the areas of telephony, navigation, entertainment, assist systems and vehicle settings, whereby the user interface and start screen can be configured freely according to the driver’s preferences. Sliders for volume and temperature adjustment are located on the inclined surface below the display.

“Hello ID.”. The “Hello ID.” natural voice control is also standard in the ID.3. Here, the car follows the instructions spoken by the driver and passengers and is capable of understanding many commands from everyday language use. The short sentence “Hello ID., I’m cold” is sufficient to turn up the heating, while the statement “Hello ID., play Radio London” switches to a new station.

Augmented reality head-up display. The optional augmented reality head-up display (included in the Infotainment “Plus” package) is a world first in the ID.3. This can project important information onto the windscreen with the turn arrows of the navigation system underneath. The driver sees the information as a three-dimensional, staggered image at an apparent distance of three to ten metres in front of the vehicle. This means that the display is perfectly integrated into the real outside world. When Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) or Travel Assist (optional) is active, the vehicle in front of the ID.3 is highlighted with a luminous marking in the head-up display from a certain speed.

Infotainment and Infotainment “Plus” packages. If the customer has ordered the Infotainment package, the vehicle will be equipped with the Discover Pro Infotainment system instead of the standard radio. This can be operated either by voice or touch control, and its navigation system includes 3D city models of many cities. The second feature in the Infotainment package is the “Comfort” mobile phone interface. This connects the smartphone to the car aerial and charges it inductively if the phone is suitable for this. The voice-over-LTE protocol ensures fast connection setup and high speech quality. In the Infotainment “Plus” package, Volkswagen supplies the sound package with two additional loudspeakers in addition to the augmented reality head-up display.

Gateway to the mobile network. The Discover Pro links up with the standard Online Connectivity Unit (OCU), which has an embedded electronic SIM card (eSIM). This performs all connectivity tasks, including fast data transfer at LTE Advanced speed.

We Connect Start. The OCU also brings the online services of We Connect Start into the ID.3. The customer must first activate the services online with their Volkswagen ID, and they are then available for a period of three years The most important services here are the navigation services and vehicle-related services. The Online Traffic Information services provide the driver with up-to-the-minute information on the situation on the selected route and possible hazards. New data is regularly downloaded to the car with the Online Map Update function. The Charging Stations service offers live data on charge points in the vicinity. It provides details on their charging capacity and can also provide information on tariffs and availability. If the driver decides to use a charging station, this can be adopted as a destination in the navigation system.

Charging and air conditioning via smartphone. The vehicle-related We Connect Start services that are already available in the car with the standard Ready 2 Discover radio include Charging and Air Conditioning. ID.3 customers can control both functions on their smartphone using the free We Connect ID. app and can also check the charge level of the battery and range of the car.

New electronics platform. There is a radically new, pioneering concept behind the extensive connectivity of the ID.3: the electronics platform developed by Volkswagen is lean, flexible and fast. It allows communication to take place in a similar way to on a stationary server: it does away with the principle of isolated memories and applications and is designed as a wide service platform. This greatly simplifies an exchange of data and functions between the involved systems.

Such flexibility makes it easy to integrate new data packages into the system. Maximum security, including protection against possible external attacks, always has priority – the new data packages must pass through a highly protected authentication process. Basic driving functions such as drive and brake control remain in their separate control units.

New hardware topology. The new electronics platform also includes a new hardware topology. Two central high-performance computers called ICAS (In Car Application Server) form the core of this. In some areas they perform many tasks that are assigned to separate control units in other Volkswagen models. One of the two ICAS combines a large number of separate computers. It is responsible for several driver assist systems and the convenience functions – from unlocking doors and seat adjustment through to lights. The second central computer manages the infotainment system and the displays. It is based on the third-generation modular infotainment matrix (MIB 3) installed in numerous Volkswagen models.

The ID.3 opens up new horizons. ID.3 customers experience the benefits of the new electronics platform with the system update function – this allows the software of the central control units to be updated via the mobile network and makes it possible to continuously optimise many functions. The data record is transmitted to the car when on the move and installed after the end of the journey. It is then available when the vehicle is next started. In the near future, it will also be possible to install new streaming services and additional user interfaces in the car over-the-air, similar to the process customers are familiar with from their smartphones. This means that Volkswagen is opening up completely new horizons.

IQ. Drive assist systems. Assist systems installed in the ID.3 ex works have been bundled under the IQ. Drive umbrella designation. These make driving safer and more relaxed and can contribute to avoiding accidents or mitigating their consequences. In the full equipment configuration, a front radar sensor, front camera, two rear radar sensors and eight ultrasound sensors monitor the area around the car.

Standard systems. The Lane Assist lane keeping system is standard in the ID.3. Its task is to prevent the car from unintentionally crossing a line marking on the road. Front Assist monitors the area in front of the ID.3 with the multifunction camera and reacts to imminent collisions with other road users by means of warnings and braking interventions. The oncoming vehicle braking when turning function monitors the opposite lane when turning off, and issues a warning and also brakes in an emergency. Swerve support helps the driver to drive around obstacles by corresponding steering interventions. In order to avoid minor parking collisions, the standard audible Park Distance Control system also has an integrated manoeuvre braking system.

Eco Assistance is a standard system that is tailor-made for electric driving – it evaluates the navigation data and the road signs detected by the camera. If the ID.3 is approaching a bend or a town boundary, for example, the system can visually indicate to the driver when they should take their foot off the accelerator. This allows the drive system to perform optimum energy recuperation.

Systems in the Assist System package. The optional Assist Systems package includes a rear view camera system. The proactive occupant protection system closes the windows and tensions the seat belts immediately before an imminent crash in order to protect the vehicle occupants in the best possible way. An anti-theft alarm and the keyless locking and starting system Keyless Access round off the package.

Systems in the Assist System “Plus” package. The Assist System “Plus” package bundles systems stemming from the luxury class. The most important of these is Travel Assist – this system largely takes over acceleration and braking from the driver at any speed and also helps to keep the ID.3 in its lane by corresponding steering interventions (within system limits). The driver simply has to lightly touch the capacitive steering wheel included in this system in order to keep the adaptive lane guidance active.

Adaptive Cruise Control ACC stop & go with speed limiter is also integrated in Travel Assist. This system controls the distance to the vehicle in front by accelerating and braking as necessary. The system’s functionality is even more predictive in conjunction with Eco Assistance: for instance, the system automatically reduces the ID.3’s speed ahead of town boundaries. ACC stop & go is standard in all preconfigured models available at the sales launch of the ID.3.

Emergency Assist, another system in the Assist System “Plus” package, brakes the car to a standstill if the person behind the wheel is no longer capable of doing so. If possible, it also steers the vehicle to the edge of the road. Side Assist monitors traffic behind the ID.3 with the rear radar systems. If the driver is about to change lane in a critical situation, a warning is issued.


What are the five special packages for id3? ›

Optional equipment is spread across five packages, with each having an additional 'Plus' version. These are identified as Design, Infotainment, Comfort, Assistance and Sport. All UK models are equipped with the Infotainment package and Comfort package as standard.

What is infotainment package plus? ›

In the Infotainment “Plus” package, Volkswagen supplies the sound package with two additional loudspeakers in addition to the augmented reality head-up display. Gateway to the mobile network. The Discover Pro links up with the standard Online Connectivity Unit (OCU), which has an embedded electronic SIM card (eSIM).

What is swerve support? ›

Swerve Assist can help the driver to steer the vehicle around an obstacle in a critical avoidance situation. Intersection Assist can warn the driver (visually, acoustically and with a braking jolt) if crossing or oncoming road users are overlooked at an intersection.

Does id3 have lane assist? ›

Your ID. 3 stays in its lane

The driver must be ready at all times to override the assist system and is not released from their responsibility to drive the vehicle safely.

What is ID3 used for? ›

ID3 in brief

ID3 stands for Iterative Dichotomiser 3 and is named such because the algorithm iteratively (repeatedly) dichotomizes(divides) features into two or more groups at each step. Invented by Ross Quinlan, ID3 uses a top-down greedy approach to build a decision tree.

What are ID3 and C4 5 examples of? ›

C4. 5 and ID3 algorithms are algorithms used in data mining to create decision tree, where decision tree is a classification method with an accurate prediction. Decision tree method to change the very large data into a decision tree that represents the rule.

Which infotainment system is best for car? ›

Touch Screen Car Stereo Systems: Top Picks In India (August, 2023)
Best Touch Screen Car StereoAmazon RatingsApproximate Price
Goldfinch Touch Screen System4.0/5Rs. 1,100
Sony Capacitive Touch Screen Car Stereo System3.9/5Rs. 2,300
Pioneer Car Stereo4.2/5Rs. 1,600
AYW Double Din Car Screen Stereo Media Player3.2/5Rs. 5,200
10 more rows
Aug 3, 2023

What is included in the Chevrolet infotainment 3 system? ›

You can consider the Infotainment 3 as an upgrade to the already robust functionality of the Chevy MyLink app. It allows you to connect your phone via Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay®, and Android Auto™ to make calls, handle audio, and use apps on your phone.

What does resetting infotainment system do? ›

Kind of like hitting Ctrl-Alt-Delete or selecting “Force Quit” on a computer, a reboot or reset can stop your car's infotainment system from acting up or even return it to factory default settings. You can do it yourself—and we'll show you how.

When should you use swerving? ›

Swerving may be the best option if:
  1. The road is straight and in good condition,
  2. There is an emergency lane or shoulder to drive on,
  3. There are no other vehicles around,
  4. Swerving the vehicle you are driving will not cause it to skid, and.
  5. Braking would not avoid the accident.
May 31, 2023

What is Audi swerve assist? ›

The swerve assistant supports the driver when the new Q7 has to drive around an obstacle in order to avoid an accident. Using data from video camera and radar sensors, it calculates a suitable path immediately, taking into account the spacing, width and offset of the vehicle in front.

Does Taycan have lane assist? ›

Yes, Lane Keep Assist (LKA) will come with all Taycan's.

What is lane centering assist? ›

There is another system called Lane centering assist (LCA) that provides automatic steering to continually center the vehicle in its lane. None of these three systems are designed to steer a car without a driver's input. All these lane features use forward-facing cameras to detect the lane lines around your vehicle.

Where is the sensor for lane assist? ›

Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning uses a forward-looking camera that's mounted behind your vehicle's windshield, in front of the inside rearview mirror. It works when your vehicle is moving forward in DRIVE above approximately 37 mph on most vehicles.

Can driver assist be turned off? ›

To do so, you will need to access the vehicle's settings menu. From there, you can find the "Driver Assist" section and select "Lane Assist" to turn it off. After doing so, you will no longer receive warnings if you drift out of your lane.

What is the comfort pack on a ID3? ›

Volkswagen ID3 option packs
Comfort PackageWinter pack including heated front seats and steering wheel Electrically heated, folding adjustable mirrors with projection light
Comfort Package PlusComfort package + Dual-zone climate control Variable boot floor, height-adjustable and removable
8 more rows
Jul 2, 2021

What is design pack ID3? ›

The design pack also includes an animation on the rear lamps, 30 different colour options to jazz-up the ambient lighting in the doors and dash, a panoramic sunroof, and rear tinted glass. There may be a few questionable design details on the ID.

What is VW Comfort package? ›

The Comfort Package includes heated seats and steering wheel, a rain sensor, two-zone climatronic, and a particularly practical centre console with exchangeable uses and two USB C sockets. The Comfort Package “Plus” comes with three-zone climatronic, luggage net and a webbed partition.

What are the ID3 trim levels? ›

Once you've chosen your battery size, Volkswagen offers four trim grades: Life, Style, Family, Max and Tour, all with increasing levels of equipment. However, the range structure limits some battery options to certain trim grades.

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