How Did Ida Tarbell Help End The Standard Oil Monopoly? She Wrote A Book On Standard Oil’s Impact On Different Industries. She Led A Campaign That Was Against Standard Oil But In Favor Of Rockefeller. She Wrote A Series Of Articles Exposing The Corruption (2023)

1. Ida Tarbell: The Woman Who Took On Standard Oil - Connecticut History

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  • Ida Tarbell became one of the most famous "muckraking" journalists in 19th century America, thanks largely to her investigation of the Standard Oil Company.

2. [PDF] Ida Tarbell and the Muckrakers - Constitutional Rights Foundation

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3. The Woman Who Took on the Tycoon | History| Smithsonian Magazine

The Woman Who Took on the Tycoon | History| Smithsonian Magazine


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5. The History of the Standard Oil Company, by Ida M. Tarbell, vol. 2 ...

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  • The rise of corporate trusts and monopolies in the Progressive Era spurred Congress to legislate regulations on business practices. The first such law, the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890, met its greatest test in a case against the Standard Oil Company. Journalist Ida M. Tarbell brought the company’s shady dealings to light, and the federal government sued Standard Oil. The Supreme Court ordered Standard Oil’s breakup in 1911, but only after more narrowly defining illegal monopoly. Congress strengthened antitrust laws with the Federal Trade Commission Act and Clayton Antitrust Act.

6. Ida Tarbell | American Experience | Official Site | PBS

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  • For over 30 years, Rockefeller had applied his uncanny shrewdness, thorough intelligence, and patient vision to the creation of an industrial organization without parallel in the world. The new century found him facing his most formidable rival ever — a 45-year-old woman 

Ida Tarbell | American Experience | Official Site | PBS

7. [PDF] rm The Lady Versus Goliath:lda TarbellTakes 0n tl Strndard Oil Co.

  • Her expost helped the government break up Rockefeller's huge monopoly, and it made Tarbell one of the tnost celebrated ... against Standard Oil, Ida Tarbell's ...

8. [PDF] Lady Muckraker - New Providence School District

  • Investigative reporter Ida Tarbell probed into the excesses of big business, but she faced her biggest challenge when she took on the Standard Oil Company and ...

9. [PDF] Investigating the Impact of Muckrakers on American Society.pdf

  • The Muckrakers' work is still remembered as a high point of U.S. journalism. Keywords:Ida Tarbell, Muckraker, Progressive era, The History of the Standards Oil ...

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