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There are unique opportunities to get a free prop firm challenge account for forex. The current competition in the prop firm industry has created new offers to attract traders. Many forex prop firm challenge offers include smaller accounts, lower challenge fees, and refunds upon passing.

However, some “free prop firm challenges” may not be exactly free. Forex traders may have to settle for lower profit splits, poorer trading conditions, or extended trial periods.

As an aspiring trader, you can leverage your skills and talents to pass a prop firm challenge. Then, receive a refund for the challenge fee on your first payout.

>> Funding Traders encourages everyone to select free-trial accounts and evaluate the platform in a risk-free environment. After a complete due diligence with the free account, sign up for our live challenge accounts and leverage:

  • Up to $2M funded accounts
  • No-time period challenge accounts
  • No-commission challenges
  • Support for news trading
  • Rapid 7-day payouts

Here’s how to get a free prop firm challenge account for forex trading.

Select Your Account Size

First, select your challenge account size to trade in forex. Prop firms offer a wide variety of free challenge accounts to cater to different traders. Select your preferred account size – based on your expertise, requirements, and trading goals. Additionally, evaluate available drawdown types to select a free challenge best suited for your trading objectives.

At Funding Traders, you can select a challenge account with varying capital, including:

  • $10K challenge account
  • $25K challenge account
  • $50K challenge account
  • $100K challenge account
  • $200K challenge account
  • $300K challenge account
  • $500K challenge account

>> Skilled traders can also sign up for our Apex and Elite challenge accounts to manage $1M and $2M funded accounts.

While selecting a challenge account, you should also determine if the prop firm aligns with your trading strategies. Plus, check the available leverage on your challenge account to increase your earnings. Definitely, contact a reputable forex prop firm for different free challenge accounts.

Sign Up For Discounts And Giveaways

Next, sign up for exclusive discounts, giveaways, and contests to get free prop firm challenge accounts. Many prop firms offer consistent discounts and giveaways to reward skilled traders. Small-scale proprietary firms often require traders to promote their social media handles in return for discounts. Meanwhile, industry-leading prop firms like Funding Traders offer exclusive discounts to all traders – without completing any milestones.

Here are a few discount offers available for our challenge accounts:

  • Use “BLOG” for 30% off
  • Use “Blueberry” for 30% off+90% profit split
  • Use “2024” for 24% off + 90% profit split
  • Use “FEB1” for 25% off

Similar to discount offers, you can also participate in trading contests to get free challenge accounts. These contests reward traders with high returns, strong risk management compliance, and proven skills. Join our online communities to receive the latest updates on discounts, trading contests, and free challenge account giveaways.

Definitely, look for exclusive discounts and giveaways to get free prop firm challenge accounts for forex trading.

Pass Your Prop Firm Challenge For 100% Refund

Pass your prop firm challenge to get a 100% refund and a free forex-funded account. Often, prop firms structure their payout policies to refund the initial fee – creating a mutual trust level with the trader. Meet the challenge conditions, profit targets, and drawdown limits to pass your challenge. Plus, you should also demonstrate strong risk management to complete the evaluation process successfully.

Some cheapest prop firms with free challenge accounts set high-profit targets and drawdown limits – restricting many traders from getting a refund. Meanwhile, Funding Traders offers a stress-free evaluation period with simple rules to pass the challenge.

Meet these challenge objectives and get your 100% refund of the initial fee:

  • 1-Step Profit Target: 10%
  • 2-Step Profit Target (Phase 1): 10%
  • 2-Step Profit Target (Phase 2): 5%
  • 1-Step Daily Drawdown: 4%
  • 1-Step Maximum Drawdown: 5%
  • 2-Step Daily Drawdown: 5%
  • 2-Step Maximum Drawdown: 10%

>> At Funding Traders, all challenge accounts offer no time limits – allowing traders to take as many days to pass the challenge. Once passed, we process a 100% refund of your joining fee along with the first payout.

Indeed, join a free prop firm that offers a 100% refund of the challenge account fees.

Request Account Review For Exclusive Discounts

Request an account review to receive support and exclusive discounts. When buying a challenge account, you can add the “Account Review” addon during checkout. This gives you added guidance and support on your challenge performance. Whether you pass or fail, the accounts department will provide:

  • A written report for performance analysis
  • Actionable plans to improve strategy
  • Scheduled call to discuss development
  • An exclusive discount on the next purchase

By establishing a nurturing relationship with your forex prop firm, you can pass your challenge and get a refund on the fees. Even though your first challenge might not be a free account, you can get a free prop firm challenge account by passing future challenges. Certainly, sign up with a prop firm that offers exclusive opportunities and discounts by nurturing relationships with traders.

Keep Up To 100% Profit Split

Keep up to 100% profit split with your free forex prop firm challenge account. Often, free challenge accounts offer a limited profit split, restricting your earning potential. In some cases, you may only be eligible for 40% of the earned profit – while the company keeps 60% of the split.

With these prop firm payout policies, you only get to keep a lower profit percentage. Funding Traders rewards traders’ winning performance with comparatively higher profit split. By default, all traders are eligible for 80% profit in their favor.

>> You can also sign up for exclusive add-ons during checkout to keep up to 90% or 100% of earned profit on your funded account. To access your winnings faster, you can even request fast 7-day payouts and get your profit split within a week.

Indeed, choose a free prop firm challenge account with up to a 100% profit split.

There are several opportunities to get a free prop firm challenge account for forex trading. First, select a challenge account size that best suits your trading goals, requirements, and preferred strategies. To get a free challenge account, join the prop firm’s online communities and look out for exclusive discounts.

You can also pass your prop firm challenge to get a 100% refund on your initial joining fees. You can also get the exclusive “account review” add-on to get a performance analysis report – along with an additional discount on your next challenge account. Finally, you can keep up to a 100% profit split with your free challenge account.

Ready to get a forex funded account? Click here to start your free prop firm challenge trial.

How To Get A Free Prop Firm Challenge Account For Forex - FundingTraders Blog (2024)
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