Raw Beet Salad Recipe (2024)



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For a South Indian twist, sputter some mustard seeds in hot oil, throw in a handful of curry leaves and shredded coconut and stir fry for a couple of minutes, and mix into the salad.


This is one of those recipes that sounds too simple to be good, and yet it adds up to something utterly yummy. Buy organic beets (or grow your own) and use good mustard/oil/vinegar. And don't worry about beet stains on your hands: it will wash off, and if it doesn't it gives you cooking cred.


We find the beets a bit dense and sweet. Adding shredded jicama lightens it up and is still delicious.

Mary S.

Made it with baby beets and added a small piece of fresh, delicate ginger, grated - which added a wonderful flavor to the beets.

Winkie Moeller

Great with dill and dabs of goat cheese used as a side salad.


* Add grated apple.* Add small piece of shredded ginger.* Add softened raisins.* Add shredded carrots.* Add walnuts

Joanne Peterson

This makes a great coleslaw of sorts when 1/2 beets and 1/2 shredded cabbage are mixed together. A couple of carrots shredded are a good addition too. May add depending if the kids are eating a touch of sweetening in the dressing.

Thomas Greisen

I like to add some grated apple to mine. Add just some sweetness to the salad.


Used red & yellow beets which made it colorful. Added goat cheese and used tarragon as the herb (about 1 T). Used 1/2 C shallot- figured that was the equivalent of a large one.


Well, this is wrong I know, to ignore a person's recipe and give your own that has many changes, but I'm going to do that.We like to grate raw beets, carrots, and dice more gently some apples (use the slice hole). Just make a tangy dressing and you have a good and healthy salad that you can keep in the fridge for a few days. You can have add ons, too, like a little goat cheese and toasted nuts.


I've made something similar for years, adding shredded carrots, softened raisins, and pineapple.


Easy, perfect salad addition, serve with perogies, top a hamburger, good with pork, a definite keeper. I used in lunches as a side with egg salad sandwiches. Lasted a few days in fridge. There was a bit left over and I mixed it in on top of a tossed salad. I added 2 extra teaspoons of Dijon cause we like it. Otherwise the recipes works very well. I also added two grated carrots to it. Next time I might add some finely sliced celery.


Beautiful and flavorful! I added two carrot sticks and the suggested golden raisins. Also doubled the dressing and added some chopped beet greens to add some extra green-it was lovely!


Add apple. More mustard.

Name MoHi

I’ve been making this salad for years, even self proclaimed beet haters like this one! My variation: grate a good sized Granny Smith apple and a large carrot and a knob of ginger into the mix. I also prefer a bit of pink grapefruit juice and Dijon mustard in the vinaigrette. This salad keeps for several days in the fridge if it lasts that long!

Taste matters

Raw beets have an imperceptible flavor, if any. The strongest flavor imparted in this 'salad' is from the shallot. So, if one is an afficionado of shallots, this recipe is for you.


Good accompaniment to grilled salmon.


Can I make this a day or two ahead?


We added blood-oranges. Really delicious.

Nancy K

I didn't have a shallot and used a finely minced red onion which worked well. For such a simple recipe it was remarkably good and also quick and easy to make. I used a 4 sided grater on the largest side and it worked well. I did put on thin latex gloves to keep my hands from turning red.


Added a green apple and a few carrots - all shredded with the beets in the food processor. Doubled dressing. Used dill and parsley for the herbs. Served topped with pumpkin seeds and Azur Bleu cheese and some toasted bread on the side for a delicious and satisfying meal.


Oh no! Am I the only person who didn’t enjoy this recipe? Perhaps I went overboard with the vinegar?


We add apple and celery root, plus toasted hazelnuts or walnuts; fresh lemon and orange juice sub vinegar for that extra splash of vitamine C. Perfect autumn/winter salad.

Patricia R

Use champagne vinegar, omit Dijon, add brown sugar.


If you are worried about staining your hands, try to rub some oil on your hands and cutting board before grating the beets. The stain will come off really easily.

El Ray

This is delicious. I made two batches for one meal to compare: one with golden beets, white balsamic & basil. The second with red beets, Cabernet Sauvignon vinegar & dill. Both were big hits. This recipe is a keeper.


Surprisingly good! I added pumpkin seed and feta. I also let shallots macerate in the vinegar for 20 minutes prior to adding to the beets, and let the salad sit for an hour after preparing it so the beets absorb the dressing.


Wonderful recipe, became a classic already! Used white wine winegar, and chopped coriander and some grapefruit segments, it makes the dish a lot more refreshing!

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Raw Beet Salad Recipe (2024)
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