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Charles Michener

Very tasty recipe, but poaching instructions are terrible. Very fresh, eggs will hold together in the poaching water. Older ones will spread out, making a mess. A trick from Julia Child: pour boiling water over eggs and let them coddle for 10-20 seconds. Crack each one into a measuring cup and slip gently into simmering, salted, vinegar-added water. Turn heat down to lowest setting, cover pan, and in 2 minutes and 30-40 seconds, you'll have perfectly poached eggs.


I made this on Monday using only 1 cup of rice; I took your advice and added golden and dark raisins, pine nuts and almonds. This really made the dish. I used Aleppo pepper in the melted butter; poached my eggs 3 minutes in a poacher - perfect.

This made enough that we are having it again tonight. My usually picky husband loves this. Serve with warm Naan bread.


Most of the recipes in this collection (In Praise of Runny Eggs) use poached eggs. I have rarely made decent ones, in spite of instructions from cookbooks and online, until I learned to do them in the microwave: Crack egg into a microwave-safe dish, add a little water, cover with a paper towel and cook at High for about 30 seconds. The white will solidify a bit more after you remove it from the microwave, or give it a FEW seconds more. If you do more than one egg, it will take more time.


I use an egg poacher with non-stick cups & a glass lid. You can see when the whites are set. It's foolproof and very cheap on Amazon.

Also, this is nice served with Naan bread.

Beth Gahbler

Excellent! It could be varied in many ways. One could add raisins and many types of nuts: pine nuts, pistachios, almonds or walnuts...
Was short on time, so I made the rice as directed in Step 1, then turned the oven off after 20 minutes when I had to leave the house. I returned two hours later, the rice was perfect, and all I had to do was poach the eggs.
Couldn't have been easier or tastier.

takes me back . . .

. . . To my peace corps days in the Philippines. I ran a research group in a university. The student canteen served a low cost breakfast for students consisting of yesterday's leftover rice, fried with garlic and onions. Served up with a perfectly wok fried egg on top. All for the peso equivalent of 24 cents. I still treat myself to that tasty and filling dish from time to time.


Another way I've seen it, if you don't own a microwave like myself, is using an egg tied into saran wrap. Apply saran wrap into a small bowl (you'll need an extra bit around the edge to tie). Spray cooking spray all over the wrap, crack the egg into it. Bring up the edges of the wrap and tie it. Submerge in boiling water for 3-4 minutes to your preference. Take it out with tongs (or if you live dangerously drape it over the edge) cut off the tail and flip out the egg! voila!

Mary Mumford

I like this poaching method, but 10 minutes is way too long, even at high altitude - 6 minutes at most.


tried as written but.... this was so bland at first. used chicken stock instead of water, had to add fish sauce, butter (sniped the drizzle), a drizzle of vinegar to save it at all. it's nice enough now, but doesn't bear repeating.BUT -- thank you to Charles for sharing that Julia Child poached egg method. I've never made a perfect poached egg until today. While I will never make this again -- the method of cooking rice is SO smart + will be repeated with entirely different additives.


The rice was certainly not cooked at 25 minutes and it made me hangry. Now, after cooking for an extra 15 minutes I can begrudgingly admit it is very tasty.

and cay

This is not how you poach eggs. They turned out essentially as a hardboiled egg that you don’t have to shell. Potentially useful but not what I wanted for this recipe.


I add currants to the rice. I find chewing on the whole spices unpleasant, so use ground coriander and count my cloves going in and painstakingly remove them before serving (admittedly the currants don’t help here). I have learned through bitter experience over many years that it is not possible to poach eggs. Fried eggs work fine here.


Buying eggs like we bought toilet paper during the pandemic... Needed an "eggs for diner" recipe. Gave this a shot....what an interesting taste! 1/2'd the recipe for 3, and fried the eggs sunny-side up rather than poached for ease only.Served with some chorizo on the side for a some heft to the meal. Would recommend for a change and new flavor if you want to try something different. Should have made a small green salad for the side...will definitely make again.


I wanted to like this but it was just really bland. I might give it another go some day using chicken stock in place of water and adding some toasted pine nuts for crunch. I had to add a lot of salt to make it zing.


Added raisins, pine nuts, and even a little date syrup drizzle. I also used a little extra salt and a hefty dose of umami mushroom seasoning from Trader Joe’s to add more flavor to the cooking liquid. The eggs made it so creamy. Good place to start and tweak to your liking.


Followed the poaching instructions - thought maybe this method would work????NO. In hindsight you can cook hard boiled eggs off heat in 12 min... A bust...


Maybe I’m just used to Ottolenghi’s other baked rice recipe, but there’s something missing in this dish. Next time will replace onions with shallots and double the garlic. Agree something sweet- whether it be raisins or even tomatoes- would make this sing.Also had to re-poach the eggs as the first batch was rock-hard after 10 minutes. The second attempt I paid closer attention and the last of the eggs came out at right about 5 minutes.

Susie Q

Instead of adding water, I used homemade veggie stock and leftover lamb stock from our Easter roast, which equated to about 4 cups. I needed to add an additional 15-20 minutes for baking the rice (shortgrain white rice) to get it cooked through. Make sure your oven is set at 350 or higher. I had to crank my oven to 400 just so it read 350 on my thermometer. The leftover lamb stock added additional fat that made the rice taste even richer. Oh instead of oil, I used bacon fat too. All hail fat


Based on previous comments, I added raisins and almonds which made the dish! I didn’t think the butter sauce was necessary, though it was tasty.


I just made over easy eggs because it is fasterA solid comfort food meal


Brown rice took over an hour and even so was soupy. It had that great chewy texture that you get from brown rice, though, and was delicious.


the idea is to have "jammy" eggs - easier than poachingI steam the eggs for no more than 6-7 minutes then quick bath in cold waterwhites firm, yolks runny - no mess to clean up


I skipped the chili butter and just sprinkled some red chili flakes on the rice. Otherwise made exactly per the recipe, and it was delicious. I agree with others comments re: the eggs -- just use whatever poaching method works for you. Only other thought: I made half of a recipe and my rice was a little soft, so I might check at 15 or 20 minutes in the future.

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Rice With Poached Eggs Recipe (2024)
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