RimWorld: 12 Tips For Base Building (2024)

A player's base is everything in RimWorld since it is a home for colonists and stores items. Improving a base will allow gamers to survive longer on the unforgiving planet where they have crash-landed. Players have discovered many tips that allow them to benefit from game mechanics unknown to some.

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Making a few tweaks to a base will allow it to function better and improve its defenses from pesky raiders. Some of the improvements to a player's base will also increase food output and allow players to house more colonists. These tips are great for people seeking to improve their base-building skills to progress further in the game.

Updated July 26, 2023, by Aly Azmy: With so many variations of how to build bases, this list has been updated to include new base building tips benefiting players past the early game stage. Once in the mid-game, players will face different challenges and requirements for base designs.

Building a hospital and animal pen is essential past the early stage of the game and must be built once players progress past the early game. These tips are fundamental to learn and will help players develop better bases and survive longer in the harsh lands of Rimworld.

12 Base Location

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Before choosing where to place a base, there are a few things to consider, such as building close to fertile soil and avoiding map corners. Rich soil allows crops to grow 40% faster, giving players a significant advantage in their early game farms. Raiders will spawn in map corners, and keeping a base away from the edges will provide ample time to plan against an enemy attack.

While this last bit of advice is optional, playing in a large hills world will provide a base with natural defenses to play around. Building out in the open will leave any base exposed on all sides.

11 Freezer Room

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The freezer is the most valuable aspect of a base, as storing the colony's food is essential. Maintaining the temperature in the freezer room is necessary due to power outages and occasional solar flares. The best way to preserve the temperature in the freezer room is to double-wall it, allowing the area to stay cooler for longer once the power cuts out. Building an airlock leading to a freezer will also help maintain temperatures inside a room.

Place the freezer as close as possible to the kitchen to reduce how much the colonist chef needs to move during cooking, and players can also use auto doors to cut down more time.

10 Recreational And Dining Room

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The moods of colonists are arguably the most important resource after food, as keeping them happy is vital for survival. Combining a recreational room with a dining room allows players to get more use out of each room. Once a colonist uses either room they will receive an impressive dining or rec room bonus.

The best way to improve a room is to add a sculpture made by a talented artist and use a colonist with a high level of construction to build all chairs, tables, and recreational objects.

9 Dedicated Workshop

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Creating a large workshop area has several benefits compared to having them spread out. An essential tip for having a fast workshop is keeping a warehouse close to it, allowing colonists to get the necessary resources for their work with less delay.

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Having one large room allows players to save space and forces colonists to socialize more frequently. To take it a step further, add some decoration into a workshop to make the environment look better for colonists, providing them with a mood buff.

8 Stone Blocks

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Wood walls and floors will only take players so far in RimWorld since fire is too risky to avoid. Using stone has many advantages compared to wood, such as having an increased beauty factor. Marble blocks have the highest beauty factor, followed by slate blocks.

Using marble flooring is a great investment to increase the beauty factor throughout a base while keeping players safe from fire. Make sure to assign a colonist to maintain the cleanliness of the beautiful new stone floors so that players can profit from them.

7 Walls And Killbox

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Once a base is large enough, investing resources to wall up areas surrounding the base will increase defenses. Keeping one side accessible will cause most raid attempts to pick this path, allowing players to profit off turrets and sandbags and have a reliable defense system. To ward off Mechanoids, fans have created killbox designs that funnel raiders into a neat line.

Creating a killbox requires players to restrict base access to only one point of entry and create a long hallway to force raiders to attack one at a time. After the hallway, place the colonists as far as possible, giving them cover while they put out firepower. Adding turrets will improve damage output and provide help to colonists. Be sure to give better guns to colonists that have beneficial colonist traits such as toughness that improve combat ability.

6 Hydroponics

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While rich soil is helpful for early game farming, hydroponics is better later in the world. While they are expensive to build, they allow crops to grow twice as fast as they would on rich soil; not all crops will benefit from the extra growth speed, potatoes do not utilize the full growth speed, but rice does.

Building hydroponics in a circle design surrounding a sunlamp will allow players to take advantage of the area, leaving only four empty spots for heaters. One crucial requirement for relying on hydroponics is creating backup batteries for power outages; this avoids the risk of crops dying.

5 Animal Pen

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Farms provide players with a consistent source of food, but gamers will require animal products to create higher-quality meals for their colonists. Setting up a barn for animals to graze in is easy and requires limited effort. Most animals are herbivores or omnivores and players will have little trouble providing them with consistent food sources. Cows are among the best animals to enclose in a barn, due to their milk production and high meat quantity.

Look for an area full of grass to build the barn on. Build a large fenced area and place a fence gate on one side. After the fence is complete, click on one of the fences and the option to build a fence pen marker. Place the pen marker inside to mark the animal pen. Players can use other solid blocks such as a wall and add an animal pen inside a base.

Players can begin raising animals after completing an animal pen.

4 Prisoner Management

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Prisoners are a great way to increase future colonist populations or make good money. Building a will allow players to keep numerous prisoners at all times. There are two main prison designs, separate rooms or a joint cell. A joint cell has the downside of having all prisoners break out at once, which could be devastating if they escape at a bad time.

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Separate cells are preferred as they are better at preventing a large prison outbreak. A good prisoner cell design is having a bed, a light source, and a place to eat. Expanding cell space and adding statues will improve prisoners' moods, allowing for faster recruitment and lowered escape chances. Building cells within a larger area is essential as prisoners will have to break out of another structure before they are free, this buys players some time to deal with an outbreak.

3 Hospital

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Taking proper care of injured colonists is crucial to ensure their survival. Using bedrooms as hospitals will increase infection risk and will not accommodate a large number of colonists after defending against raiders. Setting up a hospital is expensive but will pay off in the long term as it will vastly improve survival rates for sick or injured colonists.

Dedicate an entire room for the hospital that will accommodate between 4 to 6 hospital beds. Normal beds will do until hospital beds are researched. Use sterile tiles for the floor as it provides a cleanliness buff and lowers the risk of infection. Add vital monitors when researched close to the beds and be sure to dedicate all beds as medical beds.

Lastly, create a nearby room for storing medicine and keep the room cold to preserve the medicine.

2 Temperature

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Depending on where a colony is built, setting up ACs or heaters will be mandatory to survive a hot summer or freezing winter. Colonists will get a mood debuff if they are in unfavorable temperatures and managing colonists' needs will keep their moods high. When placing ACs, be sure to keep the red arrow pointing outdoors as it will expel heat.

Vents will allow players to equalize temperatures throughout their base and save on electricity. Larger bases will require more ACs and heaters but keeping the entire base connected by vents is mandatory. Players can close vents during cold snaps and preserve heating to vital rooms such as bedrooms.

1 Experiment

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The best way to improve in Rimworld is to experiment and try new things. Adding personal touches to bases is the defining factor of building in Rimworld as the mechanics allow for a wide variety of designs. Players can build grand and massive bases or choose smaller designs.

Make different base layouts for every playthrough and remember what works best and what did not. Try building inside a mountain in one playthrough and outside in another. Try building something new such as a bar and serve hard-working colonists a cup of beer. Learning to adapt to the harsh planet is the key to improving in Rimworld. Through continuous experimenting, players will find the best base designs that work for them.

RimWorld is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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RimWorld: 12 Tips For Base Building (2024)


RimWorld: 12 Tips For Base Building? ›

You will have to make a huge room that will work as a storage, barracks, workshop, kitchen, and laboratory. Also, don't forget about security! As you start building an amazing colony in RimWorld, you will realize that you spent hours planning the base, but 2 raiders with sticks managed to kill all your colonists.

What buildings do I need in RimWorld? ›

You will have to make a huge room that will work as a storage, barracks, workshop, kitchen, and laboratory. Also, don't forget about security! As you start building an amazing colony in RimWorld, you will realize that you spent hours planning the base, but 2 raiders with sticks managed to kill all your colonists.

How do you make a successful colony in RimWorld? ›

Now without any further due, let's jump in these RimWorld tips that would help you make a thriving colony.
  1. Go With Many Animals As Compared To One.
  2. Make Stone Statues For Art.
  3. Tame Boars as soon as possible.
  4. Freeze Your Favourite Colonists when They Die.
  5. Assign Zones To Avoid Animals Getting In Doors.
  6. Start Producing Drugs.
Feb 4, 2023

What is the best base defense layout RimWorld? ›

Simple -- Four walls and a few sandbag/barricade firing positions is all it takes to build an effective early-game defensive structure. Upgrade-able and modular: Additional walls/rooms & defensive structures like turrets can improve the bunker's capability. Full cover provides high defence for colonists.

What is the most profitable thing in RimWorld? ›

Corn is the best crop for both human food/work and cash/work. It is actually more profitable per unit work than any crop in the game, including every drug. However, it cannot be processed any further, meaning it is reliant entirely on the grow cycle.

Should I build a wall around my base RimWorld? ›

The first thing that you will usually have to build in RimWorld is walls. These are necessary to make rooms and keep your pawns safe and warm.

What is the first thing to build in RimWorld? ›

Currently, the first room we need to build is a storeroom, as items deteriorate if left outdoors or exposed. Place a stockpile zone covering most of the room except for the tiles adjacent to the doors as sometimes pawns may accidentally drop an item in the doorway, leaving it open and insecure.

What is the best size bedroom in RimWorld? ›

Go for a large room only if you have enough resources. It's recommended to build 6×6,7×7 and 8×8 large rooms later in the game when you have enough to spend. If you have enough resources, A large quality room is the ideal bedroom size in Rimworld as it would provide you with many options to customize.

What size room is impressive RimWorld? ›

So, if you want to make the room "very impressive", it should have a space of at least around 25 (which still counts as "rather tight" in the game). E.g. a furnished bedroom with a 5x5 or 4×6 footprint would be fine, and a little smaller could still work, but it would be a challenge to get there with a 4x4 room.

Does flooring matter RimWorld? ›

Flooring is an important factor when calculating a room's Cleanliness, which is important for most rooms but particularly for kitchens, hospitals and laboratories.

What is the best block for walls RimWorld? ›

Granite is the strongest of all stone blocks and is best suited to build walls in the fighting area.

What is the maximum wealth in RimWorld? ›

The maximum wealth is 1,000,000 for the purposes of raid points, and the maximum number of raid points is 10,000. If one of these two caps are reached, then there is no point managing wealth any further.

What is the maximum colony number RimWorld? ›

Multiple Colonies[edit]

Since Alpha 16, you can have up to 5 colonies running at the same time (available in Options > Gameplay).

What is the ideal number of colonists RimWorld? ›

The best, optimal number of colonists that you should have in RimWorld is between 12 and 18. The game also thinks this way, as it starts making your life harder if you pass the 18 threshold.

What is the recommended colony size RimWorld? ›

In playing this (apparently) over 200 hours I never really felt like I had enough people to defend my settlement and have enough specialists for most things. The intended number of people seems to be somewhere from 12-20, from the population intent curve and cryptosleep pods on the prebuilt ship.

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