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Whattup, back again with another The Division 2 content video. Today we are going over a few ways to Farm Steel within the game. Materials are hard to come by so let's talk about what are imo the best ways to farm them! Hope this will help you out but most of all Enjoy!

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What up youtube.

How are feeling today hope, you're doing great hope, you're doing fantastic back with another division, 2 video and back with another farming video and today we're gonna talk about steel.

I got a lot of questions within twitch chat and, of course, underneath my videos on youtube how to get steel, because we need steel, of course, for the new expertise system to upgrade our weapons, our skills, our gear, whatever you want to upgrade with this new system, there are a few ways that you can farm steel.

The first one is farm for weapons.

You can go into the summit, you can go into the countdown.

Those are the two fastest way to farm for weapons, because there is targeted loot in these two game modes, just go for whatever weapon.

You want for pistols, smgs lmgs, you name it and when you pick them up- and you don't want them- they are not god rolled or you already have them just deconstruct them and you'll have a chance to get steel.

That's a bit of the problem with farming weapons, because it's not guaranteed that you will get steel for deconstructing weapons.

It's very strange because I was always under the impression whenever you find the weapon you deconstructed, you will get steel, but that's not the case.

It's completely rng for our feeling, because not every time that you deconstruct a weapon doesn't matter what kind of weapon it is.

You will not always get steel, so, let's get over a few ways that you will get guaranteed steel.

The first thing is the solo farm.

We all know the solo farm just go to east mall.

There is a control point named solo farm and around that you can just walk around the area and there are a lot of boxes that contain steel.

The ones that contain steel are the orange little backpacks.

Like you see in the background, I'm opening a few up and they will always contain steel.

But again it's a little bit rng.

What you will get you can get a minimum of four and up to a max of seven or eight.

So when you run around solo farm, you can just get that steel and then, next to that we can also get steel dropped from the true suns faction.

So you can just run through missions of true suns.

You can run through an open world, take out true sons and again they have a chance to drop steel.

So this is not guaranteed when you take out and true sun that they will drop steel for you, but steel will be dropped by the true songs.

That's the only faction that can have a chance to drop you steal.

Then we can of course go through the new game mode.

The countdown there is a chance that you will encounter true sons there as well and then again they have a chance to drop you steal and of course you can farm them at the same time, four weapons deconstruct them and again you have a chance to drop them steal and then, of course, there is another way to farm steel and you can go for your watchmew every time that you get an extra shd point for your watch.

You can stack that onto steel.

Every single point: you will get 50 steel every single time that you use your scavenging points on your watch.

So my opinion is go for the level 10 farm.

Go for as much shd levels as possible and then then use them on steel or, of course, run a character through new york.

It's gonna set you back like two.

Three or four hours depends if you're doing it alone or you're getting helped by friends, and then you will get all your shd's levels back.

The scavenging points that you will get back are your shd levels: minus 800.

So, for example, if you have 1800 watch levels so an 1800 shd level on your watch and you finish up new york, you go back to the white house, you're level.

40 again, you will get a thousand scavenging points.

You can use all those thousand points to get your steel and, of course, you'll get 50 steel.

So you get 50, 000 steel.

You can get 50 000 steel in a matter of hours.

Next to that, if you do not want to run through new york again, you do not want to use your scavenging points on steel.

There is another way that you can do it and that is opening up.

True sun's faction caches.

Yes, guys! The faction caches will not only give you loot when you open them up, but this also has a chance to drop you steal.

So whenever you open up a box of true suns, like you see in the background, you have a chance to get 100 steel or you will get seven steel.

This is again rng, but for me maybe I got lucky, but I got a lot of 100 steel by opening up these faction caches.

Of course you need them faction keys from the true suns just go in all the undergrounds that are marked on the map like this.

You can see it in the background right now and just run through the underground.

You can open up some boxes there that can give you steel and, of course, we're hunting for those faction keys in these undergrounds.

There are some white boxes that are on the walls.

Whenever you open them up, there are, there is a chance that you will get faction keys or dark zone keys again.

This is total rng, so just run through all the undergrounds gather, all your true sons, faction, keys and then open up all the boxes.

If you are playing this game already for a very long time, you probably encountered a few boxes, and when you encounter these boxes they will always be on your map.

So the only thing that you have to do is just scan through the areas that are occupied by the true suns and all the faction boxes will pop up mark it on your map, fast travel to the closest point and just open up these boxes.

I just did this.

I walked through a solo farm.

I just opened a few boxes of true suns and I got 642 steel in about 20 to 30 minutes.

The only problem with this is you can only do it every 24 hours or every single reset of the day, because those boxes and just like with the solo farm will only reset every single 24 hours.

So you can only do this once a day but 20 to 30 minutes to get 640 steel.

It's pretty good, if you ask me, but still hands down.

The best way is to use your scavenging points, but we need a lot of other materials as well.

So I don't know if you want to use your scavenging points on steel, so yeah.

Those are the few ways to farm steel and to get guaranteed steel and yeah.

Let me know in the comments down below what you think about this video, and where did you find steel more? What is your farming method to find steel? I would love to know, but that's pretty much it thanks for watching hope.

You enjoyed don't forget to smash that like button hit that subscribers button and, of course, the notification bell pure prime out.

The Division 2 | How To Farm Steel Quick & Easy | TU15 Farming Tips & Tricks | PurePrime (2024)


The Division 2 | How To Farm Steel Quick & Easy | TU15 Farming Tips & Tricks | PurePrime? ›

The Division 2 Polycarbonate Farming

The very best way to get Polycarbonate in The Division 2 is to do Control Points. Specifically, you'll want to do Hyena controlled Control Points. The best one that we found is called Solar Farm, and can be found in the southeastern part of the map.

What is the best way to farm polycarbonate in The Division 2? ›

The Division 2 Polycarbonate Farming

The very best way to get Polycarbonate in The Division 2 is to do Control Points. Specifically, you'll want to do Hyena controlled Control Points. The best one that we found is called Solar Farm, and can be found in the southeastern part of the map.

What is the fastest way to get titanium in The Division 2? ›

Killing enemies from the Outcasts faction is a good way to find titanium. There's a chance each foe will drop titanium when they die, and high-level enemies drop it more often than standard ones. To find Outcasts, just head to Outcasts-controlled zones on the map, and complete world events and missions.

What is the easiest exotic to craft Division 2? ›

How to unlock the Taste of the Exotic achievement. As of the Tidal Basin update, there are three craftable exotic weapons. First and *easiest* is the Kendra's Liberty. This is really easy if you have already acquired a high end D50 and held onto it, as the parts needed to craft it are guaranteed drops.

Should I sell or dismantle gear Division 2? ›

While selling can get you some quick cash, dismantling all your old gear is usually the way to go.

Does the AI cheat in Steel Division 2? ›

AI still not cheating in normal mode, and only has availability & income bonus in Hard & Very hard. But no AI has omniscience. So, if it bombard, it means it has spotted a unit. Especially the artillery, which doesn't open fire until it has spotted a target AND consider it worthy enough.

What does difficulty do in Steel Division 2? ›

The AI difficulty is a game setting in Steel Division 2 that allows players to compete against AI opponents in skirmish mode matched to their skills and desire for challenge.

What is the strongest weapon in Division 2? ›

Dive in and take a look.
  1. 1 ACR Rifle.
  2. 2 M1A (CQB) Rifle. ...
  3. 3 AUG A3 SMG. ...
  4. 4 SVD Sniper Rifle. ...
  5. 5 Vector SMG. ...
  6. 6 AKM Assault Rifle. ...
  7. 7 D50 Pistol. ...
  8. 8 P416 Assault Rifle. ...
Aug 29, 2022

How do you make weapons more powerful in Division 2? ›

To upgrade a weapon: You need to own the Exotic you want to upgrade. The Exotic must have a Gear Score lower than 500. You need to have the right blueprint for the Exotic.

What is the hardest boss in Division 2? ›

Here are some of the toughest enemies in the game and what to do about them.
  1. 1 Outcast Tank. Perhaps the most nightmarish unit in this game is the Outcast Tank.
  2. 2 True Sons Heavy Gunner. ...
  3. 3 Warhound. ...
  4. 4 Black Tusk Sniper. ...
  5. 5 Black Tusk Controllers. ...
  6. 6 Outcast Heavy. ...
  7. 7 Black Tusk Heavy Gunner. ...
  8. 8 True Sons Sniper. ...
Feb 1, 2021

How can I get steel fast? ›

However, just in case you don't know all the quick ways to get a load of steel yet, it's really simple: Break all the pots in the Story Mode (if you need help finding them, go to this guide), complete the Story Mode on Hard or Realistic, and complete the Warrior Trials tutorials found in the Training menu (note: you ...

What is the easiest stronghold in Division 2? ›

District Union Arena

With the lowest level requirement of 26, this is the easiest Stronghold the player will face.

What does the commander do in Steel Division 2? ›

Commanders. An important new unit can be found in Steel Division 2: the Commander. These valuable units provide a powerful boost to close-by troops. You can only bring one Commander unit per phase.

What is the best skill to unlock in Division 2? ›

Assault Turret or Striker Drone Skills

The very first skill The Division 2 solo players should unlock should be either the Assault Turret or the Striker Drone. Functionally, these skills are somewhat similar, allowing players to deploy a gadget that can effectively act as an extra teammate.

Is it worth crafting Division 2? ›

Crafting in The Division 2 is a necessary and helpful way to get loot, but it's best not to use it early in the game because you'll be getting new and better weapons constantly. To craft something, you'll need its blueprint.

What is the highest level crafting station Division 2? ›

You will then be able to apply the Superior Crafting Bench Upgrade, which will unlock better items for you to build. When you finally reach level 29, you'll unlock the High-End Crafting Bench Upgrade, which will allow you to craft even more powerful gear.

Should I dismantle all my sunset weapons? ›

just dismantle them if you want some cores back and will never use them again. Any weapon From Shadowkeep / Vex Offensive and older will be sunset (max power level 1060 so this season is the last one they can be upgraded). Just dismantle them.

What does reconfiguring exotics do in Division 2? ›

The ability to reconfigure an exotic will do 2 things: The Exotic selected will be brought up to the level of your crafting bench, up to level 40. The attributes of the Exotic you reconfigure, will get new stat values assigned which are appropriate for the Exotic's level.

What is the best infantry unit in Steel Division 2? ›

Best Infantry Units

S.MG 42: This is a machine-gun unit with Schweres MG 42 considered to be the most important infantry unit in the game. The main strategy would be not to support other units with it, but to protect this unit from the assault. Jäger MG 42: This is an alternative to S.MG 42 unit with similar stats.

What does the asterisk mean in Steel Division 2? ›

Steel Division 2

Originally posted by DasaKamov: The asterisk means that those battalions cannot initiate an attack by themselves; they can only be brought in as reinforcements when another battalion attacks.

Can you have an AI Dungeon master? ›

No other humans required. AI Dungeon is a text-based adventure in which the AI plays the role of Dungeon Master, generating narrative and dialogue in response to any action you choose to take. It's made a serious splash in the gaming world, with more than 700,000 players as of March.

How long to beat Steel Division 2? ›

Main Story116h 13m
All PlayStyles116h 13m

Is Steel Division 2 realistic? ›

Steel Division 2 on Steam. Steel Division 2 is a historically-accurate WW2 real-time strategy game set on the Eastern Front. Features 1:1-scale turn-based army management and real-time tactical battles with thousands of men at your order.

Does difficulty affect loot quality Division 2? ›

Difficulty does not affect loot drops, only the amount of health Machines have, and the damage they do.

What is the best weapon for beginners in The Division 2? ›

P416 is the easiest weapon to obtain early in The Division 2. It has three variants: Military P416, Custom P416 G3, and Glory Daze. The base P416 has the slowest firing rate of 750 RPM, but it more than makes up for it in accuracy, stability, and a faster reload time of 2.3 seconds.

What is the best DPS weapon in Division 2? ›

Guide: Best Division 2 DPS Builds
1The Glass Cannon
2The Explosive Regulus
3Firestarter Status
4The Mortar

What is the most powerful sniper in The Division 2? ›

The Division 2 Nemesis is an exotic sniper rifle that marks itself out as one of the best weapons in The Division 2, and certainly one of the best Division 2 Exotics. After all, who doesn't love sniping? All firepower of a normal gun, but you stand too far away for anybody to hit you.

What is the recalibration limit in The Division 2? ›

You can add even more and better bonuses from there, but only up to a maximum level of cap of 100 Recalibration Score. At that point, you cannot receive anymore bonuses from recalibrating new stats onto a piece of gear. Previously, recalibrating gear often reduced the total value of the bonus you wanted to drag over.

What perks should I get first in The Division 2? ›

Division 2: 10 Must-Have Perks For New Agents (& How To Use Them)
  1. 3 Optics (I)
  2. 4 Grip (I) ...
  3. 5 Loadouts (I And II) ...
  4. 6 Signature Weapon Ammo (I) ...
  5. 7 Bounties (I And II) ...
  6. 8 Restock (I And II) ...
  7. 9 Armor Kit (I To III) ...
  8. 10 Accolades (I To V) ...
Jul 8, 2020

What is the max squad size in Division 2? ›

Played from a third-person perspective, The Division 2 is a cover-based third-person shooter with up to four players being able to complete missions together.

Should I boost my character in Division 2? ›

The character boost allows you to speed up the progression of any new or existing character you have, straight to Level 30. Boosting your character will complete all campaign and World Tier Invasion missions, maximise your Gear Score and automatically unlock all progress achievements up to that Level.

How do you get legendary in Division 2? ›

Simply approach the entrance and select the Mission Options button. By completing Warlords of New York and reaching Level 40, you can also unlock Legendary difficulty, Global difficulty and Directives.

Who are the bad guys in The Division 2? ›

Aaron Keener, also known by his call-sign Vanguard, is the main antagonist in the Ubisoft game's Tom Clancy's The Division franchise, appearing as the overarching antagonist in Tom Clancy's The Division and Tom Clancy's The Division 2 and the main antagonist in The Division 2: Warlords of New York.

What is the hardest boss fight in game history? ›

10 Hardest Video Game Bosses of All Time
  • Sephiroth (Kingdom Hearts II)
  • Through The Fire and Flames (Guitar Hero III) ...
  • M'uru (World of Warcraft) ...
  • Yiazmat (Final Fantasy 12) ...
  • Sigrun (God of War) ...
  • Dracula (Castlevania) ...
  • The Nameless King (Dark Souls 3) ...
  • Dr Kahl's Robot (Cuphead) ...
May 23, 2023

What is legendary difficulty Division 2? ›

Legendary Difficulty is the highest difficulty for the main missions. In Tom Clancy's The Division all enemies are replaced with Legendary LMB squads that have a shield behind their icon; highlighting their increased strength.

How do you get Lady Death in Division 2? ›

Lady Death is an Exotic SMG Tom Clancy's The Division 2's Warlords of New York expansion. Introduced in Title Update 8, Lady Death may be acquired by defeating World Bosses in New York City at a drop rate of 3%.

What is the best lost sector to farm exotics? ›

Europa: Bunker E15

If you've never attempted a Legend or Master Lost Sector before, you'll want to give Europa's Bunker E15 Lost Sector a try. Bunker E15 is great for farming Exotic Armor pieces and enhancement cores for two very important reasons.

How to farm gunsmith materials? ›

How To Get Gunsmith Materials. Gunsmith Materials are earned by dismantling weapons and armor that are Rare quality or higher. The rarity of the dismantled item determines how many Gunsmith Materials you'll receive: Rare: x1 Gunsmith Material.

How do you collect resource nodes in Division 2? ›

Resource Nodes are colored with red, white or green icons. If the node is red, you'll need to physically go there and liberate it. If it's green or white, AI malitia can mostly take care of it. When not contested, you can harvest from Resource Nodes to further supply a nearby Control Point.

How do you get more inventory in Division 2? ›

By purchasing one or all of the Inventory perks, players can increase their maximum inventory threefold to a maximum size of 90 slots. Each of the Inventory perks adds a set number of slots, and the total is cumulative.

How to farm weapon patterns? ›

Farming Neomuna weapon Patterns requires you to complete dozens of Heroic patrols, which will take you many hours. Heroic patrols have a chance to drop a weapon with a Pattern that can be extracted, and as slow as this may seem, it's undeniably the best way to get Patterns outside of campaign missions and side quests.

How do you get gunsmith rank fast? ›

Bounties are without a doubt the fastest way to earn XP for the gunsmith and being limited to 4 per day does slow this down. If you can increase this to 12 bounties a day, you should find yourself speeding up the levels. Purchase all of the daily bounties from Banshee 44 and complete them.

Can you farm the chatterbox in Division 2? ›

The Chatterbox Exotic submachine gun is one of the most powerful weapons available in The Division 2. Its suite of perks make it a great choice for almost any loadout. Getting it takes some farming and luck, but it's well worth the grind.

How do you get resources to optimize in Division 2? ›

The Optimisation Station lets you increase the attributes of your gear and weapons up to their full 100%. Only level 40 or better and must be of High-End or better quality. You can unlock the find the Optimisation Station menu in the Recalibration Station after completing the third mission of the Campus settlement.

Where is the secret vendor in Division 2? ›

First, fast travel to The 1040 Safe House. Take the door labeled South East exit, and walk until you reach outside. Run forward through the gate and follow the winding path. Eventually, you'll see an NPC on your left labeled “???” Walk up to him and interact.

Can you optimize exotics Division 2? ›

Exotics can be upgraded at the Crafting Station in the Base of Operations or Haven.

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