Using ChatGPT to generate a research dissertation and thesis. It is our research writing assistant. (2023)


I'm going to show you how our productivity can be increased 10 folds during research by using ChatGPT to do most of the work.

Link for citations:


We're going to use chat GPT to fasten our research thesis chat.

Gpt is like that bright student in class.

Who can help you do your homework in one hour and you're spending a whole weekend buried in books.

It is important to note that with chat, GPT breaking down your problem makes it easy: do not feed Everything at Once, break it down into small chunks and start feeding them into chat GPT after you have your results saved, then you can join them later.

For example, for research, ask chat GPT to help with analysis of results.

Writing an abstract, then ask it to come up with a discussion and recommendation break down your problem into smaller, manageable chunks and then combine them after now.

Having understood that, let us dive into the challenge ahead of us a reminder.

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Let us use one research article to show you how we can use this tool.

I will Begin by summarizing my abstract to words less than 250 maximum.

Let us first see how many words we have here by copying our abstract and pasting it into a word counter.

As you can see, we have 340 words in total, we're going to ask chat GPT to reduce them by summarizing this abstract.

Let us now go to chatgpt type.

The command reduce the following to less than 250 words and press shift and enter.

You can always press shift and enter.

If you want chat, GPT text input to move to a new line now paste the abstract and press enter.

As you can see, our abstract is being summarized.

Let us check the total word count.

We have gotten copy the result into a word counter.

As you can see, we have 129 words in total, which is way less than 250.

Also, you can see that we have lost the different subtitles we had in our abstract.

The solution to this is asking chat GPT to summarize the individual subtitles of the abstract.

Now let us copy the abstract again and ask chat GPT to generate a little longer result such that we have more words.

Now we are having chat GPT generating the summary for us.

Let us copy it again into the word counter now.

The word count is 141 in total.

Let us go back and give it a continue command.

This makes chat.

Gpt continue from where it has stopped.

Now is continuing with the summary and adding more content.

You can keep telling it to continue until you have a desired word count.

Let us see the results now, so in total we now have 242 words.

This is very good and less than 250 words, which is acceptable.

So this new summary you can copy it and save it.

In a Word document, you can read through it and correct any small mistakes.

We shall then use it later, as we are combining everything to come up with one document.

Now let us feed the results into chat, GPT and ask it to discuss them for us type into chat.

Gpt discuss the following results.

Then press shift enter to paste.

The results on a new line.

I will not copy everything just for demonstration.

It is important if these results are not in tabular form, since chat GPT does not take in tables.

Also advise you write your results into an organized paragraph for better results.

The better you organize your results into paragraphs, the higher the quality of the results now chat.

Gpt is analyzing the results for us giving a discussion.

If you want a detailed discussion, keep giving it a continue command whenever it stops.

As you can see, it has continued giving us results.

We shall then copy and paste this in a separate Word document also read through to correct any mistakes.

Let us now ask chat GPT to suggest for a semi-catching research topics in relation to our data.

As you can see, we have a couple of them.

You can choose one, you can even modify them.

We can ask it to create for us objectives and methodology.

I recommend asking it to create objectives alone in methodology alone, then you combine these late breaking down the problem into smaller parts generates better results.

Let us get some recommendations now ask Chad GPT for the above discussion to give us some recommendations and conclusions.

Now we are getting the recommendations with a conclusion: if not contended just ask it to continue, and then you will have the desired results copy these into a document that you will combine with the rest.

Let us ask it to suggest the most viable sample size for our project, so our 328 is a good one.

According to chat GPT, let us ask it about organizing our data to come up with a dissertation.

This is basically for junior researchers who know less about organizing a dissertation.

Now we have an outline of how a dissertation should be organized.

This is the same pattern.

We shall follow when organizing our documents into One Word document.

We can even ask chat GPT to give us an introduction in relation to our topic.


Gpt is our research assistant.

When it comes to writing and as you can see, it does the job well, we can even generate a methodology separately.

Let us do that.

It is being generated.

Go to a website.


The link is in the description.

We are going to use this and objectives to generate some citations for our paper.

We shall generate a few, but if you want you can come up with as many articles as possible, then analyze your document to feed them into it copy the objectives one by one into the search bar of the website then hit enter.

As you can see, many suggested articles for us read through them and see which ones are best for your study, keep suggesting and searching with different objectives that chat GPT generated for you.

As you can see, we have most of the information that we need in one of my videos.

I explained how to use chat GPT to generate a research proportional.

You see a use that proposal to generate your literature review, but chat GPT can do that as well.

I have shown you the best way to get citations, but we'll come up with more soon.

Please follow me to find out so now I've been gotten all that we need now.

We are left with one task, and that is compilation of all our articles into one then read through to correct error and Flow.

This may not be the perfect one, but if you give chat GPT a consideration, it can save you hours.

Some take homes, make sure that you break down your problem into small chunks and feed them into chat.

Gpt two make sure you present your results as a paragraph isn't head of a table and organize them well before feeding them into the bot.

Three join the results and fine-tune them by deletion in a mission such that they match your desired outcome.

Thanks for watching kindly subscribe to my YouTube channel for more content, you can also suggest topics.

You want me to make a video thanks once more and goodbye, let us meet in the next video.


Can you use ChatGPT to help with dissertation? ›

Saves Time: Dissertation writing is time-consuming; however, ChatGPT can generate texts for you instantly. You can ask ChatGPT to write sections, paragraphs, and particular dissertation headings. Moreover, it can proofread and check your dissertation's grammar, style, and errors.

Can we use ChatGPT for thesis writing? ›

ChatGPT can help you generate a thesis statement if you provide it with some background information about your topic and are specific about the direction you would like your research to go. ChatGPT will also help you brainstorm thesis statements.

How do you use ChatGPT for research? ›

How to Use ChatGPT to Write Scientific Research Paper?
  1. Compile Research Material. ...
  2. Brainstorming session with ChatGPT. ...
  3. Define your research question. ...
  4. Conduct a literature review. ...
  5. Summarize Important Research Articles. ...
  6. Gaps in the literature. ...
  7. Analyze data. ...
  8. Create an outline of the Research paper.
Apr 13, 2023

How to choose a research topic for a dissertation or thesis? ›

How to Choose Your Thesis Topic
  1. Identify something you are interested in or passionate about. ...
  2. Discuss your interests with people. ...
  3. Talk to the faculty. ...
  4. Use your class assignments to develop your interests.
Mar 29, 2019

Can ChatGPT help with research? ›

This technology has far-reaching consequences for science and society. Researchers and others have already used ChatGPT and other large language models to write essays and talks, summarize literature, draft and improve papers, as well as identify research gaps and write computer code, including statistical analyses.

What is the best paraphrasing tool for thesis writing? ›

List of 9 Best Paraphrasing Tools In 2022
  • WordAI. ...
  • Chimp Rewriter. Pricing: $15/month. ...
  • Spinbot. Pricing: $10/month. ...
  • Free Paraphrasing Tool by SmallSEOTools. Pricing: FREE. ...
  • DupliChecker. Pricing: $20/month. ...
  • Clever Spinner. Pricing: $9.90/month. ...
  • Spin Rewriter. Pricing: $47/month. ...
  • Content Professor. Pricing: $19.95/month.

Is thesis writing a skill? ›

So yes, having writing skills is absolutely necessary for writing a thesis, but it is also true that it is possible to develop such skills if you continuously practice writing and focus on the writing process with considerable attention. To write a thesis, develop your reading skills and develop your writing skills.

What is the difference between a dissertation and a thesis? ›

Differences Between a Dissertation vs. Thesis. The primary difference between a dissertation vs thesis is the degree programs that require these projects. Students in a master's degree program will write a thesis, whereas students in a doctoral degree program will complete a dissertation.

What are the risks of GPT? ›

These risks include the potential for bad actors to use ChatGPT for fraudulent services generation, harmful information gathering, private data disclosure, malicious text generation, malicious code generation, and offensive content production.

Can I give ChatGPT a PDF? ›

One of the easiest ways to share the content of a PDF with ChatGPT is to copy and paste the text into the chat window simply. This will allow ChatGPT to analyze and respond to the text you've provided. To do this, open the PDF in a PDF reader or editor, and select the text you want to copy.

How to use ChatGPT for academic writing? ›

How to Use Chat GPT to Write Code?
  1. Be specific in your question.
  2. Provide context (Provide context around your question)
  3. Use natural language.
  4. Take advantage of programming knowledge.
  5. Collaborate with bot.
Mar 2, 2023

What is the difference between research paper and research dissertation? ›

Definition. A thesis or dissertation is a long academic paper that typically serves as the final project for a university degree while a research paper is a type of academic writing that involves research, source evaluation, critical thinking, organization, and composition.

Do you get to choose your own dissertation topic? ›

It's important to choose a unique topic for your project or dissertation to ensure that you have the opportunity to carry out your own research and come to your own conclusions.

Do you pick your own dissertation topic? ›

Your dissertation is a chance to show your ability to work independently and put all you have learnt into practice. Although you have the freedom to choose your own subject matter, it is important that the topic is addressing a unique area of original thought.

Does ChatGPT cost money? ›

OpenAI's ChatGPT is free to use, and anyone can do so.

What does ChatGPT stand for? ›

Show More. Show Less. ChatGPT, in full Chat Generative Pre-training Transformer, software that allows a user to ask it questions using conversational, or natural, language.

Can I pay someone to write my dissertation for me? ›

Most dissertations are 100 to 300 pages long and have to be based on thorough research. That's why it is no surprise that when it comes to writing this final paper, you may be asking yourself: "Is there a way to pay someone to do my dissertation?" The answer is yes!

Who can write my dissertation for me? ›

Yes, you can! With EduBirdie, there is nothing easier than to get a scholarly expert to write my dissertation for me. Let us introduce ourselves. EduBirdie is an academic paper writing company that has been helping students for years.

How do you write a good dissertation fast? ›

Top tips for dissertations
  1. Start early. Start thinking early about possible topics, and read through departmental guidelines carefully. ...
  2. Record your sources. Keep full records of all your reading. ...
  3. Be realistic. ...
  4. Know what you want to say. ...
  5. Save your work. ...
  6. List your objectives. ...
  7. Think ahead. ...
  8. Back up your decisions.

What is a good paraphrasing technique? ›

Paraphrasing techniques

Write down your ideas without looking at the original. Use synonyms or change the word order of your sentence. Compare with the original to see whether you are conveying the same meaning. Record the source details so you can easily cite it later.

What skills are needed for a dissertation? ›

How to use your dissertation skills to market your employability
  • Research skills. One thing that everyone has to do for their dissertation is research. ...
  • Problem solving. ...
  • Communication. ...
  • Specialist information. ...
  • Numerical skills. ...
  • Calm under pressure. ...
  • Project management.
Jun 15, 2019

How can I improve my dissertation writing skills? ›

Let's discuss three of the best practices to help you prepare for this.
  1. Read more – and better. A thesis is, in essence, an enormous journal paper. ...
  2. Write more frequently. The single best way to get better at anything is to practise frequently and consistently, and writing is no different. ...
  3. Seek (relevant) feedback. ...
  4. Summary.

Why is a dissertation so hard? ›

There are so many chapters to complete, and writing each individual chapter requires an immense amount of hard work and a strong motivation. On top of that, every time you are ready to write, you have to deal with an intimidating blank page.

What are the 3 stages of thesis or dissertation writing? ›

While each journey is unique the dissertation consists of three phases. The Proposal Phase consisting of Chapters 1, 2 and 3. IRB/Data Collection and Analysis and then the Dissertation Defense which includes the drafting of Chapters 4 and 5.

How long does a dissertation take? ›

Barring unforeseen events, the normal time range for finishing a dissertation seems to be 13-19 months, which can be rounded to one to one and a half years. If you are proactive and efficient, you can usually be at the shorter end of the time range.

Do all masters require a thesis? ›

While not all master's programs require a thesis, many do. A Master's Thesis is typically a research project you complete during your last semester of school that involves a lot of research and writing. A non-thesis degree program may be available to students in specific instances.

Is ChatGPT using GPT-4? ›

At present, GPT-4 is only accessible to those who have access to ChatGPT Plus, a premium service from OpenAI for which users have to pay $20.

Can I chat with GPT-3? ›

Can I chat with GPT-3 AI? Yes, you can chat with GPT-3 AI. The chatbot built with GPT-3 AI can understand and generate human-like responses to your queries.

Does ChatGPT Plus use GPT-4? ›

If you are a ChatGPT Plus subscriber, you will have access to GPT-4 via the ChatGPT website. Under Model, select GPT-4 to try it out! GPT-4 currently has a cap of 25 messages every 3 hours. After this, you will have to wait for your quota to reset.

Does ChatGPT read documents? ›

Convert the PDF Into a Text Document. ChatGPT will happily read text, after all, the beating heart of any AI chatbot is a large language model (LLM). LLMs are huge text databases that AI chatbots reference to supply human-like responses.

How do I analyze a PDF in ChatGPT? ›

How To Use ChatGPT To Chat With Any PDF Document
  1. Open Click on the left bottom three dots and then click on settings.
  2. Click on 'Beta Features'. Turn on the 'Web browsing' and 'Plugin' ...
  3. Search and install 'AskYourPDF' plugin.
May 22, 2023

Can I upload documents to ChatGPT? ›

The extension is called ChatGPT File Uploader Extended, and it lets you upload several document formats, including TXT, JS, PY, HTML, CSS, JSON, CSV, MD, TS, TSX, JSX, PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, and ZIP.

Can professors tell if you use ChatGPT? ›

According to the anti-cheating company Turnitin, it claims that it can detect if a student is using ChatGPT for assignments. However, Turnitin also acknowledged that it would not be able to detect ChatGPT with 100% accuracy. This means that while it is possible to detect the use of ChatGPT, it is not foolproof.

How do you not get caught using ChatGPT for essays? ›

Rearrange words and rephrase ideas manually.

If you're using ChatGPT to write your assignment, you might be able to evade AI detection software by swapping the order of words in your sentences.

How do I summarize an article in ChatGPT? ›

Copy the relevant text of your digital source material. Paste the text in the message bar of ChatGPT's home page, add "Summarize the article above" to the end of your query, and hit Enter. If you're a ChatGPT Plus subscriber, there's no need for the copy-and-paste step.

Which is better thesis or research paper? ›

A thesis implies an original, plagiarism-free, written academic document that acts as a final project for a university degree of a higher level. But, Research Paper is a novel, plagiarism-free long essay. It portrays the interpretation, evaluation or argument submitted by a researcher.

Is it a masters thesis or dissertation? ›

Regardless of where and when you earn your master's or doctoral degree, you will likely have to complete a thesis or dissertation. The main difference between a thesis and dissertation is the level at which you complete them. A thesis is for a master's degree, and a dissertation is for a doctoral degree.

Does dissertation count as research? ›

Dissertations and theses have value as research material, and they are an important form of scholarly communication.

What should you avoid when writing a dissertation? ›

10 Mistakes To Avoid When Writing Your Dissertation
  • Selecting too broad or too narrow a topic. ...
  • Selecting a topic you aren't interested in. ...
  • Starting too late. ...
  • Research before writing. ...
  • Lack of cross-referencing chapters with one another. ...
  • Using too much jargon. ...
  • Lack of probing respondents when collecting data.
Jul 28, 2021

Do all college students write a dissertation? ›

Typically, a thesis or dissertation is required to complete a master's degree in the US. While it is not common, you may be expected to write a thesis to complete your bachelor's degree.

What percentage is dissertation worth? ›

This is a third of your total credits and it may even cover as much of your final grade. However, this will be up to how your university calculates your final grade.

Will anyone read my dissertation? ›

The dissertation is simply a formal mark showing that you can do research and contribute to the field. Nobody outside of your committee will read it (and you will be lucky if they read the whole thing with focused attention for that matter).

Is a dissertation a big deal? ›

A dissertation module is one of the key things that defines the step up from secondary school to university. It's one of the biggest pieces of writing you'll do for your degree, in terms of research and word count. It's no mistake to think that a lot rests on a good dissertation.

Is 1 week enough to write a dissertation? ›

Ultimately, one week is not enough time to write a dissertation. These are major projects, and the workload involved is typically enough to fill at least 6 months of full-time education.

Can I use Grammarly for my dissertation? ›

Grammarly offers both a free and premium version. For dissertation writing purposes, we recommend the premium version as it includes a plagiarism checker, which is very handy.

Who can help me write my dissertation? ›

Dissertation writing companies likePaperHelp, EssayPro, and EssayBox are the top online writing services to consider if you need a custom dissertation. You can hire a dissertation writer on these platforms to get help with custom dissertation writing, research work, data collection, or editing.

Can I use AI to write my dissertation? ›

This is where AI comes in — a creative and time-saving solution to rewriting a thesis. AI recognizes the basic formatting structures of the dissertation, eliminating the need for extensive rewriting. It produces error-free drafts, even those containing difficult concepts, complex sentences, and complex passages.

Can tutors help with dissertation? ›

In lessons, a tutor can review your worksheets, help you to plan and structure, and make suggestions on where you focus your research and studies while you write your dissertation. They will also support you with the writing and presenting of your research arguments.

Do professors recommend Grammarly? ›

At a university level, stylistic modifications, such as what is offered by Grammarly, are widely accepted and even suggested for use by Professors to help improve writing. Hence, it is also an excellent choice for a High School classroom.

Can universities detect Grammarly? ›

Text typed on Grammarly is not indexed on the web, so your text will not show up as plagiarized.

Do universities recommend Grammarly? ›

Most schools don't consider Grammarly cheating

If you're a student working on essays or writing for a course, you may have come across Grammarly. Grammarly is an awesome tool for checking spelling, grammar, tone, and more in your writing.

Can you get a PhD by just writing a dissertation? ›

PhD by thesis only: It is possible nowadays to acquire a PhD by submitting only a thesis. You may research to find out which institutes offer such a program. While this might be more suited to your present circumstances, note that there may be some disadvantages to this compared with a PhD by coursework.

What happens if you pay someone to do your dissertation? ›

Academic misconduct in the form of having someone else write your dissertation will usually result in your entire degree being revoked. Yes, you read that correctly, your entire degree.

How much does it cost to have someone write your dissertation? ›

A typical one-page dissertation writing work will cost about $35-$40 per 100 words. Since students often value and trust native writers more, they are in high demand.

Is it ethical to hire an editor for a dissertation? ›

Doctoral students are responsible to be the authors of their work. Having any other person write your dissertation for you is unethical and violates your academic responsibility. You can learn a lot about writing from an editor.

Can colleges detect AI writing? ›

It is now completely possible for universities to detect ChatGPT and many other AI content generators. If work is submitted through a university's learning management system, such as Turnitin, AI, and plagiarism detection should happen.

What is the hardest part of a dissertation to write? ›

Let's take a look at the most common challenges you can expect when writing a dissertation and how you can overcome them.
  1. Creating a Thesis Statement. A thesis statement describes the purpose of your research. ...
  2. Planning and Time Management. ...
  3. Writing Your Thesis. ...
  4. Staying Organized. ...
  5. Structuring Your Chapters.
Dec 31, 2021

Do colleges like if you tutor? ›

If you want to make sure you impress your college admissions reps, no matter what the application deadlines for colleges you're applying to are, be sure to sign up for academic tutoring. This is the best way to make sure your grades are what they need to be.

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